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Diane's Beach Bod by SatsumaLord

Diane's Beach Bod


26 May 2015 at 20:26:29 MDT

This is hnm124's prize for winning my April Art Raffle over on Patreon ( ).

Diane waxes on about how despite the sheer bulkiness of her belly, she's actually quite proud of her figure and hopes to add even more pounds to her already titanic tummy; though as far as Tanya is concerned, she's just hoping that Diane will be willing to let go of some of her extra sunscreen.

After all, it looks like Diane has plenty to spare; but then again, with a paunch that "plentiful", Diane may need all the sunblock she can get. =p

Diane copyright hnm124
Tanya and artwork copyright SatsumaLord