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Ginny and Stu Stock Up by SatsumaLord

Ginny and Stu Stock Up


A piece initially funded and posted on Patreon ( ).

Ginnette convinces her roommate (a paunchy hamster by the name of Stuart Biggs) to go on a snack run with her at their local warehouse store; since, you know, it's a lot cheaper to buy your snacks in bulk then you would at a regular grocery store, and going shopping with your best roomie is always fun, right? =3

Unfortunately for her however, her shopping trip doesn't go quite as she hoped, after Stuart lets loose a "what are friends for" line.

"Friends"; who knew a term as innocent as that could strike so pointedly at her heart? Oh well, maybe next time she'll have figured out a better way to help him see just how much she's interested in him as something more than "just friends" (except for, you know, actually telling him how she feels - she'd implode if she ever had to do that). =p

But of course, little does she know that Stuart actually likes her too; and not just in a "like-like" kind of way, but in a "I want to hold you close and kiss you forever, in a tempestuous maelstrom of passionate love" kind of way.

He'd never be able to tell her that though; after all, they're just friends, right? Flat out telling her how he feels would just make things weird and obliterate their friendship.

Besides, why would someone as sweet, funny, talented and amazing as her, ever go for someone like him? It's not like there's anything particularly special or unique about him...

Anyway, here's hoping the two of them will figure it out eventually (though at this rate, that might not be anytime soon). =p

all characters and artwork copyright SatsumaLord

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