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Nicole Size Study by SatsumaLord

Nicole Size Study


23 May 2018 at 15:28:27 MDT

A piece initially funded and posted on Patreon ( ).

Over a decade ago, back in 2007, I created an arctic vixen character named Shiela; she was originally designed as a stripper, a more risque character for more mature situations, but despite my interest in her initially, I soon forgot about her and put more of a focus on other characters (for those that are curious though, you can see her initial debut here ---> ( [link] ), assuming you can view mature content on FA that is).

Despite that though, I've since decided to bring her back, but with a lot of changes put in place. Those changes being...

  1. I've since changed her name from "Shiela" to "Nicole"; Nicole Mercer to be specific (the name change came from the fact that I already technically had a "Sheila", which you can find here ---> ( [link] )).
  2. Instead of a stripper, Nicole now primarily works as both a surrogate and a maternity model, with modeling work varying from general material (i.e. clothing and care products) to more mature material (i.e. lingerie and pin-ups). With that said though, she also works part-time as a burlesque performer at the burlesque club "La Maman Chaude", run by Rochelle Dumont (found here ---> ( [link] )). I haven't quite decided on Nicole's stage name just yet, though I am somewhat partial to the name "Mercedes Deluxe".
  3. Nicole's personality is meant to be both sensual and confident, but also down-to-earth and practical (i.e. she knows she's sexy and is proud of her looks, but she also knows that "beauty isn't forever" and tries to be sensible with her money). In addition, Nicole generally tries to be a good person, but she's also not above insulting people or being rude to others if they're rude to her first.
  4. Nicole has no specific "canon size" for any of her pregnancies; so with that in mind, she can be portrayed pretty much at any size and any body type (I think I'd prefer her to be more "belly and boobs" myself, but that doesn't have to be strictly the case).

Oh and with regards to the art piece itself, it wasn't necessarily my intention to make it look like a progression sequence, but it kinda worked out that way. =p

Anyway, I believe that's all for now, but hopefully I'll be able to do more with Nicole in the near future (and of course, I hope you all like her). =3

Nicole and artwork copyright SatsumaLord

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