Season's Greetings: 2017 by SatsumaLord

Season's Greetings: 2017


24 December 2017 at 13:07:03 MST

A piece initially funded and posted on Patreon ( ).

A bit of backstory for this piece - Gael doesn't really have much of a family of her own. Her parents passed away years ago, she was born an only child, and Gael herself never married or had children.

So needless to say, during a holiday season like this, it can be very easy for her to feel lonely; even a little bit empty. But when Bonnie gives her a gift for Christmas this year, even if it is something small, it fills her heart with joy knowing that despite lacking a biological family, she still has a family nonetheless.

But then again, what do you expect from Bonnie? As far as that buxom bunny was concerned, Gael was never just a nanny; she was, and always has been, family.

So I guess with that said, I wish you all a Happy Holiday (whatever it might be), and that you spend it with those that you consider to be your family (whoever they might be). =3

all characters and artwork copyright SatsumaLord

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