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Debra's Gratuitous Girth by SatsumaLord

Debra's Gratuitous Girth


6 July 2015 at 09:47:05 MDT

A color commission for Karloon.

The third installment to the series, Debra's impressive "plushness" has gotten to a point now where even the slightest touch causes her hands to easily melt into the sheer "marshmallow-y softness" that is her own bosom; and by the looks of things, Debra isn't quite sure what to fully make of it (though she doesn't seem to be too terribly concerned over it either). =p

Anyway, from what I know, this all started with Debra being invited to someone's backyard BBQ party, where she slowly but surely began devouring every scrap of food and drink available to her on the premises (not even the sparkling grape juice on the table behind her was safe), eventually leading to the size she's at now.

For the full story, be sure to speak to Karloon about it; I'm just the guy that draws "the purty pictures". =p Though if you want to see the rest of the series so far, you can find it in the links below.

Part 0 ---> ( [link] )
Part 1 ---> ( [link] )

Regardless though, thanks for checking it out and I hope you all enjoy it. =3

Debra copyright Karloon
artwork copyright SatsumaLord

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