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Venovias +5th Born+ Reference by Sapphirus

Venovias +5th Born+ Reference


6 February 2020 at 21:31:10 MST

(Took a bit long on the next one...Meep)

This Venovias, the Venom/Poison female Deitty of Sapphirus's Kids. Her attitude could rival her oldest brother a lot, only her brother doesn't drug his women for romance LOL, but they get along great, not the same as the other family though who kinda despise her, Sapphirus kinda just avoids her since they argue a lot.


•Birth Story/Lore (applies to all kids): So when Sapphirus was in a battle, a rather easy one, she overused her all elemental attacks, which leaked into beings, she was rather showing off too. She wasn't aware of this too. This is when she was an less experienced goddess. Til the gems that help her manage her leaking powers came in (the assorted colored gems/rainbow gems embedded into her body). So those absorb her powers, because those are the same ones she uses to create dragon life of species and elements, but in some bizarre way, it formed into single elemental beings like herself, and she's not known to make Kemonomimi dragons, but full anthro, or feral ones specifically. They were babies born, but they soon grew mature, and seeked out their creator, rather mom is this case, because this was more of an energy birth, so no physical contact was made. When Sapphirus was aware of what she created, it was overwhelming, they all came one by one in hugs, including Shadorius, which wasn't his nature. To know that their mom looked similar to them, was pure happiness. Sapphirus didn't know she could have her own kids without having sex but can it seems. Works either way for her being, and it worked normally as the human way, than laying eggs. Energy Birth this was called, and one was created, each representing the elements be possesses.


•First pic creation:

Venomi was the male I made back then, the revamp here is a female this time though, and I think her rival twin will stay male also, very different from the image concept though.


Name: Venovias

•Age: Immortal, she's an adult though, so she looks to be in his 20's.

•Element: Vemon/Poison

•Mom: Sapphirus:

•Dad: She was born from Sapphirus's energy, so energy birth, which isn't physical

Oldest brother (Dark):

2nd oldest (Holy/Light):

3rd Oldest (Fire)

4th oldest, which is a sister (Ice):

•Other family: Coming soon, she will have her twin.

•Height: 5'5

•Species: Kemonomimi, Dragon, Chimera

•Gender: Female

•Sexuality: Straight (She likes to seduce/manipulate her men for her pleasure.)

•Personality: Barely shows compassion for others, likes to poison things. Her mom and her don't really get along, but Shadorius and her get along since they're both on the darker side of nature and assholes also.

•Loves: Males/men, preferable strong, it's a turn on for her if the males she targets are strong willed also, it's a thril rather. Going out, drinking (can't get drunk though because her element prevents it.). Eating venomous things, it's like her candy. Being Dominant in the relationships, but she never kills off her men, just drugs them with her special fumes. She also likes to piss off her mom. Doesn't eat much meat since unless it's a poisonous creature, all her delicacies come from plants and such for her fav poison type flavors.

•Hates: Hanging with other women, fake men, in general she hates nothing more than to be tricked instead. Hates happy things, long conversations, having to do positive things, being letcured by her family about her lifestyle. Being weaker compared to her older brothers and sister.