Sapphirus's Pokemon +WIP+ (EDITED) by Sapphirus

Sapphirus's Pokemon +WIP+ (EDITED)


26 September 2019 at 15:23:25 MDT

Edited: Added some comic bubble/comments to the pokemon. And I redid the lineart. Last look was this:

I been seeing ppl draw their characters with their pokemon, I never see Trainers/Masters with ALL legends for a team, I always wanted to do this anyway for an image. Sure normal teams are fun but legends are much more appealing, and I loved these! ALso each wears the gemstone necklace their Mistress wears, even boosting their powers in some ways. Kyogre wears his on his tail.

(My legends got genders because screw the rules, and funny thing is I normally name them all Sapphirus in games @ mascot Legends I catch usually.)

Shiny Dialga, her main partner named Sapphirus (Male). Dialga is my spirit pokemon, so I tend to rotate Sapphirus's Dialga between shiny and non-shiny, since original colors and Sapph's match more.
Shiny Kyogre, in Primal mode (Male) named Sapphire
Shiny Reshiram, named Axel (Male)
Xerneas, named Marlaxia (Female)
Lugia, named Sephiroth (Male)
Shiny Ultra Necrozma, named Ignis (Male)