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Parental Bond +Zekrom & Reshiram+ by Sapphirus

Parental Bond +Zekrom & Reshiram+


30 July 2019 at 18:31:11 MDT

Note: Zekrom is a male and Reshiram is a female in my pic. I decided to draw another of these two in their original forms, since ppl faved/loved my art of them so much from the past. :D

Ok so I had to change the lineart a bit, I didn't intentionally try to make it look like Zekrom's trying to touch Reshiram's boob, im not into crap so yeah lol. Was suppose to be a hug/embrace but meh... so much comments on that, had to change it from the WIP. Glad this came out decent atleast. Momma Reshiram and Papa Zekrom has their babehs! In addition with a protected yin yang shield in the BG! (Me trying to make a fancy BG rather lol...)

The blue rocks are some type of incubation for the eggs made from them both.