Merry Christmas 2018 +Sapphirus+ by Sapphirus

Merry Christmas 2018 +Sapphirus+


18 December 2018 at 01:58:28 MST

Merry Christmas 2018 all (well coming). Sapphirus would normally be nude and relaxing in the snow, since Ice and the cold is her fav element of all, but I decided to make her more dressed. Those are gemstones she's making for gifts/decorations, the rainbow ones stores a low does amount of all elemental power from her, a hint of each, aka Fire, earth, electric, nature, water, wings, ice, venom, mind, including Holy and Darkness also. Sapphirus is the Goddess of Dragons and Elements, so she can share her power with others if wanted, but she rather make the sharing low to moderate if it's for festive purposes, and she makes them temp, the gemstones on the ground are single element ones. The Evergreen trees in the woods, she decorated each with a star on top.

Christmas is my top fav Holiday of all. :D