Pokemon GO EVOLVE PLZ +Sapphirus Edition+ by Sapphirus

Pokemon GO EVOLVE PLZ +Sapphirus Edition+


26 November 2018 at 06:52:54 MST

Note: I Played Pokemon since the begining, and I don't play Pokemon GO at all (Phone one)

So yeah, my first game of Pokemon was Yellow, I do like dual game types so it was a good start. I already had a feeling this would still be the same outcome anyway, my dreams of a fat Raichu sitting on my shoulder, dreams crushed. Sapphirus isn't amused at all like I wasn't. LOL

And yeah, im not a fan of Normal types, I mean, Eevee is awesome, but I assume with their elemental special moves in the Go games, wouldn't be strong since normal typing etc, and im pretty sure the game won't let them evolve either, pikachu has done me more justice over an Eevee also.