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Tapu Bulu x Tapi Fini by Sapphirus

Tapu Bulu x Tapi Fini


7 December 2016 at 09:34:00 MST

Yes, this is gonna probably creep out some. Because Tapu Bulu and Fini is like the weirdest pokemon shipping I guess? I can see the beauty in it, the Most disliked Tapu vs the most pretty one. Tbh, I snagged the alt names of these pokemon on Furcadia, I missed snagging the other Tapus but it's fine. I learned to appreciate Bulu more as I played his pokemon role on game, and used him in battles more on moon.
Plus, Flexing male/Jock jokes vs the Overly pretty popular girl LOL!
(Shipping my own alts because, totally not weird)