Deity Chrismas +Pokemon Moon team+ by Sapphirus

Deity Chrismas +Pokemon Moon team+


2 December 2016 at 14:49:53 MST

Art done by me.

Note: I don't believe in Genderless pokemon, unless it's objects, ditto, or Arceus. Only 4 pokemon showing.

Tapu Koko (Zapphirus) ♂
Tapu Fini: (Aquarius) ♀
Tapu Lele (Psyrius) ♀
Tapu Bulu: (Naturius)♂
Lunala: Sapphirus ♀
Solgaleo, well I couldnt name him of course since I got moon version. Would Steelius LOL! ♂


Finished! This is Sapphirus/me hanging out with her Pokemon for the holidays, eh doesn't usually wear hats because her horns and hair makes it difficult, but Tapu Lele managed to design one for her somehow. I ship Bulu and Fini so they're together in my pic and she's picking on him with snowballs. Tapu Koko's having fun making a snowman to look like him. Tapu Bulu's lore is amusing so I had him holding a Christmas tree.