Sapphirus's Main general Shapeshift form by Sapphirus

Sapphirus's Main general Shapeshift form


12 July 2016 at 19:32:10 MDT

Tails Note: Sapphirus's Chimera side = Her feline-ish physique, ANNNND her tails, which are like snakes by in axe-shaped tails form, each have eyes on bot sides of the bases. In the beast forms, they're more aggressive/primal in her shapeshift forms to protect Sapphirus from danger recklessly than in her Kemonimimi form, so they look angry all the time.

In Kemonomimi form, They're normally civilized/calmer, right one is the strategist/stealth/patient one, left is the more aggressive/protective one and would attack without thinking if you get to close to her. The tails come with their own intelligence, and can speak also but they dont to anyone else but Sapphirus. xD

Sapphirus can shaftshift/Sizeshift into pretty much anything but I limit her to main beast/feral forms, such as the most common form here, which is labeled under Dragoline/Feligon. I decided this will be the look, instead of the past drawings i did of it. Her other form was usually a Wolf dragon mix, earthly version of her true form, which is the basic size of an eastern dragon on a planet. Main form is the huge eastern dragon here:

Here's some past looks I tried out on her Feligon/Dragoline form.