Treating to Icecream +Cellshade Commission+ by Sapphirus

Treating to Icecream +Cellshade Commission+


11 July 2016 at 06:15:28 MDT

Commissions for Archer011 on FA

Note: This is actually the first commission I ever did, which involved my own character. Other requests in the past, were umentionably disgusting from creeps in notes. Was happy to draw her in this pic! =D

Arcehr commissioned me to draw his OC Wendigo buying/treating my OC Sapphirus an icecream. Even though Sapphirus is a double deity, elements being the 2nd, she has never tried icecream, at all, never gave herself time to. Snowballs and ice attacks is all she seen closest to this delicacy and she's loving it!

(Sapph's too busy helping other ppl, protecting and leading all dragonkind, managing her powers to be better everyday, planet managing in her full form, the basics of her existence and duties, she''s a character of good afterall)