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Love Wins..yet comes with a bad side to it too.. by Sapphirus

Love Wins..yet comes with a bad side to it too..


6 July 2015 at 01:29:31 MDT

Colored this flatcolor style and redone some lineart. Colored version of this:

NOTE: IF this becomes a flamefest or anything immature, im just gonna straight out block or possibly turn off comments. As I got a right too.

NOTE 2: Also, in general, I dont support Yaoi/Yuri, especially the popular AkuRoku..... because in the end, it's pedophilia also, even if ages aren't technically listed in the character infos of Nobodies, Roxas is still under aged unlike Axel, just look at Sora's age, so yeah, that too. >_>

NOTE 3: I'm aware Larxene is too much of an ass to be religious, im just using her as an example lol. I'm a Larxel fan.

Was quiet about this, but expressing something that bugs me lately.

Yeah, im on Facebook, soon as this LGBT marriage thing is legalized in America, all of a sudden a lot on FB is talking a lot of trash now about Straight ppl and Christians like it's a crime to be one now. I even heard some of my own non straight friends say they hate straight ppl, Christians in the worst ways possible unlike before on statuses. Personally I was Neutral about it before it all happened, but now that im seeing some dark side of people, im not happy about it happening, due to the true evil sides I been seeing from said people lately. On both FB and on DA.

Im not gonna agree with ppl to look innocent and cool on a bandwagon. I might not agree with the act, but i'll always respect the ppl involved in it. I may be Christian and such, but doesn't mean im gonna say "you're an abomination" or "you'll go to hell" as others will. I dont care who loves who, just don't force me to be apart of something just to look cool and such. If you hate me for it, fine, just block or remove me

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