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Protecting the Unborn +Reshiram and Zekrom+ by Sapphirus

Protecting the Unborn +Reshiram and Zekrom+


Kinda a redo of this minus them being shiny and babies already hatched.

I swear Zekrom's overly added lines is annoyyinnngg sometimes LOL. I'd rather draw Reshiram/Dialgia over him anyday. In this pic, Zekrom saved their babies from a dangerous fall from an earthquake. The two eggs are safelty warm in Zekrom's maw being warmed up by his Terravolt. No worries, they're safe! Yes, Resh is wearing a wedding ring and Zekrom bracelets on his head.

Then it turns into the lady Reshiram saying "Ohhhh my hero" moment, and Male Zekrom is all manly about it and gets a loving huggie from his waifu.

I love shipping these guys LOL