Elegant Psionic (Minerva) by Sansenite

Elegant Psionic (Minerva)


29 September 2018 at 04:42:05 MDT

After a laboratory accident, the two daughters of Thomas Tome, Morgan and Ashley, developed telekinetic powers. To help control their new abilities, Thomas devised them costumes that would allow them to channel their new energies however they wished, and the two young mouse-cat hybrid women immediately set out to become superheroines, with Morgan adopting the name Minerva and Ashley adopting the name Venus. However, after some time of fighting injustice and saving lives in Beacon City, Venus suddenly turned on her sister with arrogant rage. Though Minerva managed to fight her off, her sister went on to become one of Beacon City's most powerful supervillains. Morgan never learned why Ashley turned on her, and still seeks the answer.

Artwork by sparksstars
Minerva (C) Sansenite