Featured Friday - Mini Comic Preview by sanctumpolis

Featured Friday - Mini Comic Preview


1 June 2015 at 17:01:14 MDT

Hello Dreamwalkers,

During this Featured Friday, we are showing you a sneak peek of Sanctum Polis – Misadventure: I Never Imagined, a mini comic series that we have been working on as of late.

If you haven’t heard yet, M:INI follows the students of SNU in their day to day lives. This includes everything from going to class to cutting it, from talking to friends to trying to make them, and sometimes simply daydreaming. With the art done by Lowemond Milo and script written by our very own Luis Velasco Jr, we hope you enjoying gaining these insights into Solaris Notre.

As a reminder, the Senior Appreciation Contest & Sweepstakes for Sanctum Polis - Rest Eternal Memory is in full force. We have received quite a few interesting submission that make us excited to see more. Also the support through donation has been amazing. We are so lucky to have the support we do. For more information about the contest, go to the Latest News section at SanctumPolis.com.

Thank you again for helping us keep the dream alive.

From All of Us on the Quadrangle Games Development Team

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