Featured Friday Member: Gabriel Trujillo by sanctumpolis

Featured Friday Member: Gabriel Trujillo


24 April 2015 at 22:27:01 MDT

Hello Dreamwalkers,

We are glad to give you our sixth Featured Friday Team Member: Gabriel Trujillo.

"Hello Dreamwalkers,

My name is Gabriel Trujillo, and I am the President, Founder, and Creative Director at Quadrangle Games, Inc. I am also a freelance graphic designer, who has worked on several different projects including web sites, commercials, and media production. My clients have varied from Kingston Technology to Porsche and Corona. I have spent several years studying world mythologies, symbolism, and theologies to incorporate various levels of meaning into my visual designs.

I started Quadrangle Games to develop a game that entertains, as well as breaks stereotypes and helps players cope with the harsh realities of life through an interactive and fantastical world. The project has grown considerably since its conception and I'm happy to keep expanding the world of Diurne and the story of Caxton.

Because of the nature of the industry I work in, I try to spend as much time as I can researching different forms of media ranging from books to animated movies and video games. I'm always trying to understand the thought process of the creative minds behind a commercial or a game. Sometimes even a lack of meaning is a choice used to emphasize the nature of the content they've created. Games with psychological intrigue such as Silent Hill or ones riddled with symbolism and mythology like the Persona 3 Fes series fascinate me. RPG games in particular with immense worlds and a wealth of unique characters and mythos are my absolute favorite. Suikoden was definitely the series that solidified my passion for the RPG genre with its moving story that ranges from quirky fun moments to horrific scenes that show the true nature of war.

We are very fortunate to have an amazing fan base for Sanctum Polis despite it being in the early development stages. The amount of support we've received is the true reason why I do what I do and it is the fuel that motivates me and our team to do our very best to create the best content possible. It's because of that that we love it when our fans get involved. We want to hear your suggestions. Feel free to ask us questions, and get to know us! We want you to be a part of our development process every step of the way."

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