Shovel Knight Digs His Way Into Sanctum Polis!! by sanctumpolis

Shovel Knight Digs His Way Into Sanctum Polis!!


9 September 2014 at 14:59:52 MDT

Quadrangle Games is teaming up with Yacht Club Games to bring you Shovel Knight in Sanctum Polis! Shovel Knight is an awesome side scrolling adventure game that plays similar to the Mega Man series mixed in with a little Castlevania and Ducktales. Feel free to check out this awesome review trailer to give you all the details about this amazing game,

This DLC will include such beloved characters from Yacht Club Games such as Shovel Knight, the Horse Maiden, and Deer Lady. These characters will be involved in a side quest involving easter eggs from the Shovel Knight game. To learn more, visit our Kickstarter!

Shovel Knight and it's respective assets are the property of Yacht Club Games