Anticipation by SampsonWoof



21 September 2014 at 11:38:17 MDT

Wind chimes.

But from where? The big cat stretched, enjoying the silken sheets as they
slid across his fur. The light topsheet slid away with a swipe of his paw
and sunlight began to play across his dark features.

How late was it? Time was becoming less and less important here. The sun
was higher this morning, but that thought receded from his mind as
quickly as it arrived. Was this what relaxation felt like?

Keys. His timeshare's keys sat on the dresser, but the spare set was gone
from their normal spot. Good. Maybe he will return. He lightly stroked
his whiskers as the thought of last night's visitor sparked behind his
green eyes. Such... tenderness.

One more stretch and he pivoted his hips, flexing his abdomen. One, then
both footpaws landing on the hardwood floor. He stared blankly at the
brightly-coloured lump between his paws. Seems his overnight guest had
forgotten his swimsuit.

Chuckling, he scooped up the small brief and ran it under his nose, the
scent of saltwater and musk electrifying his memory. Gently, almost
reverently, he lowered it and put one, then two footpaws into the shiny
fabric. The tailhole was a tight fit, but he managed. Pulling them up,
he revelled in the trophy.

Until he returned.

A coffee in one paw, he padded out to the sun-drenched patio. He kept his
ears cocked towards the door. Any time he would return. That's what the
extra keys were for, anyway.

The trade winds blew warm patterns in his fur as the coffee cooled. Waves
broke and hissed in the near-distance. Perhaps another swim today. With

Emptying the mug, the cat lowered himself to the bench and became very
aware of his own breathing. Dark thoughts clawed at the edges of his
consciousness. What if he didn't return? Was that it? Would he ever see
him again?

A click. The patio door began to open.

His heart raced.

Wind chimes danced on the breeze.

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