Industrial Evolution by SampsonWoof

Industrial Evolution


21 September 2014 at 11:34:25 MDT

Ugh. I knew swimming there was going to be iffy.

I emerged from the lake feeling...sticky. Whatever was in that water
certainly wasn't natural. Shows what I get for trying to swim laps in an
unfamiliar place.

Sighing, I tried to towel off the...whatever it was. This road trip
wasn't exactly turning out well. After a muggy morning of driving, the
one thing I wanted was a refreshing swim. Couldn't even get that.

Oddly, I felt hotter than when I dove into the lake. No, more like a
burning. I groaned at the weird-looking factory on the other shore.

Great. I willingly subjected myself to industrial poisoning.

I began to feel heavy. Thick. My thoughts raced. Gotta find a hospital
or something. I think I passed one on the way.

Suddenly, I felt something itchy between my skin and swimsuit begin to
crawl. I gasped. What the hell was happening?


Tendrils of fur snaked out from my swimsuit. I felt a great deal of
pressure between my buttcheeks and adjusted my suit. To my shock, a
gigantic, fluffy tail popped out. Reality took a hit at that point.

Warmth and itchy peppered my skin, only to be quickly replaced by tongues
of thick, dark fur. I tried to groan, but only a whine escaped my
misshapen mouth. The sound of cicadas in the bullrushes screamed in my
ears. My only relief was that this was happening away from anyone else.

As the fur enveloped me, all discomfort began to drain away from me. I
was mesmerized by the changes. Fingernails curled and blackened before
my eyes. I brought my new paws to my face and marveled at the extended
jaw and nose I now sported.

I reached my car just as the sensations stopped. I looked into the side
mirror and yelped. I was... canine. I reached up and poked one of my
new ears and wagged.

I'm a dog!

Nervous, I pondered what to do next. Could I possibly go on in life like
this? Did I really have a choice?

My stomach rumbled as I mused. Instantly, I wondered if I could still eat

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    Wow, it's rare for people to remember that dogs can't eat chocolate.

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      It's just one of those facts that I can't forget. I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday, so it kinda makes me think my brain is wired weird.

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    I love the transition, and the back story is excellent.