A spy! by Sammacha

A spy!


9 July 2014 at 00:14:35 MDT

Who is there? O_O

Is someone spying on Moogle?
(It's just me don't worry >.> <.< >.>)

This is a drawing I did for an Art Trade with Moogle Moogle This is her character Moogle character's name goes here O_O

(Insert Saphira into the Name area, LOL)

and her Moogle.

I enjoyed making this even if the BG was a pain in the butt...
Its a little different, its like a cartoonish painted style that I haven't done for a really long time. I still need practice so I hope you don;t mind me using the trade to try something. I hope you like it :)

I traded for this awesome picture of My Character Sammacha

The little Moogle is really just something which popped into my head and I don't know why, but if you wanna read about/see it:

With these two pics I feel like I am playing pokemon Snap LOL

-Samantha Lim

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    This is really amazing! The painting style looks fantastic! My only critique (hope you don't mind) is her eyes are a bit off, she looks a little derp eyed. With a small fix of either or, it would be perfect. C:

    Keep up the great work <3

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      Hey thanks a lot! and no I don't mind at all, ( I live off crit, lol) in fact I think I can fix that right now xD
      I wonder how I didn't catch that...
      Tired, that's gonna be my excuse xD

      Thanks again, I really do appreciate it!

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        I think I've fixed it now, thanks for that xD

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          You are most welcome! Like to help out >u< Looks much better, really amazing now v

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    AHAAHA! YESSSSS~ Omg moogle WUT R U DOING!? XDDD Ahh Saphira looks kickass & hot all in one - that's hard to pull off you know! This is so detailed, I honestly wasn't expecting so much :D!! THANK YOU -hugs- I fear you've mastered my moogles thought process, I checked out the pic with just her in it & LOL, literally that's something she'd do, wutta freak! & the berries!

    I really appreciate all the hardwork you put into this (I saw your stuggles on ur sketchbook thread, don't worry tho I never peeked! It was just so entertaining eheh :3) The cartoon style really fits them both, it reminds me of like Game of Thrones but not rated 18+ LOL

    Thank you again Sam!

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      Hey your welcome! I am so glad that you like this :)
      I really liked the one that you made me too! That one is kick ass XD
      lol, I don't know, but originally I was gonna make her standing there, then I was thinking she would be bored and wander away xD and then it came to the Fan idea LOL
      She also has a stick! i think she picked all the leaves and the berries off (leaves when into the river)

      I am pretty sure my sketchbook can be entertaining and also a like wtf Sam, what are you doing? lol, anyways yeah I think its much better then the original idea I came up with. I had a good idea but it didn't play out well.

      Sad story, I haven't watched game of thrones yet D:

      Thanks for trading with me and you are very welcome :)

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    It's done! Congrats on being able to finish this Sam! ^_^

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      Lol, yeah it took me forever . . . .
      Thank you Herp :D