Shooter - Sammacha Badge by Sammacha

Shooter - Sammacha Badge


7 July 2014 at 16:19:33 MDT

AN alternate version was created which was to be used for the cover of Justin conley's Book "Arcina Gangster". However He has not yet paid so I've decided to make a version starring my character Sammacha. I think that this would make for an awesome badge like item, dont you?

-Samantha Lim

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    This is really great !

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      Why let good art go to waste right? Thanks again tiido!

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    You'll have to make it a trend now that Sammacha (the character! XD) has a whole arsenal under her coat. Pistol in the front, sword at the side, grenade launcher in the rear; she's a walking mammoth tank alright!

    Terrific job with this, lovin' da gun! ;) It's a shame he hasn't paid yet, hopefully he won't bail out fully. I've never done any sales before, but I was under the impression that the client pays first (or at least halfway before the finished piece)?

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      Thanks Moogle and yeah... she also wield fires so... thats a pretty explosively armed character right there xD
      Hopefully he won't apparently he has two more covers that he needs. I don't know if the guy is waiting on someone like he was before or just um...

      Anyways, at least how I do it is: I If its $30 or less you pay in full, if its more I don't demand a full payment I demand a deposit which ranges from 30-50% depending on the total value. You can either ask for full payment once the sketch phase is complete before you colour or when it is complete. I ask for the remaining amount once the image is completed (this is why on some of my sketches there is a very heavily watermarked compared to uploaded artwork)
      Now he has paid the deposit, but he still owes so all he can see is the cover with his name spelt incorrectly and my watermark. (this is why the water mark is heavy, and why I haven't posted the original despite it being finished, I would like to...) So either he pays for me to send him the large cover, or he pays some on else to remove the watermark which can cause implications since I am the creator of the work and therefore the original copyright holder to a certain extent (also depends on what country you live in, what they do with it and if you want to chase them down). Since his bill is unpaid, to my knowledge he has no rights to anything. So he is kinda stuck if he wants that cover OR any other covers.

      When it comes to commercial work it's a little different. Some people agree to pay a large sum to own all rights to the image ( which is where you need to be careful as certain "work for hire" means that the employer owns all copyrights and you lose them which is why its usually expensive AND why you need a good legal contract/terms of service )
      You can also license it. This means they are paying you $X for use of the work for X items or X time, or both. It involves many more limitations.

      I've not really been doing this very long but f you ever want to do commissions I can certainly offer you some advice. I'm not even sure how it started, I wanted to do them but wasn't sure how nor felt ready, but some people started requesting I do commissions or sell them prints and here I am.... I need to make more prints though... lol, that's where the money is xD

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    I didn't realize there was so much legal stuff when it comes to selling artwork, holy cow! O_O Yeah I'll definitely take you up on your offer if I ever do commissions, it sounds like it's easy to get your work stolen if you don't cram a watermark on it (luckily I've never had that happen before to me XD). I think this is why I'd prefer to be working under a company, since all that would be handled and I'd just be doing what I love without any real drawbacks - plus, I love stable pay. :3 Although freelance sounds quite lovely having your own hours & being your own boss.

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      Yeah there is a lot of legal mumbo jumbo to everything now (sad). The main point is that the world is split up making it even harder. If I take your art and change the colour is it ok? NO, that's stealing, but in some places they don't care and will print that shit on a T-shirt and turn a blind eye, or not even care. If you're not selling ofr commercial use your in with the many other people who just draw for whatever they want to charge. I don;t do it for a living, just for a little extra money and that's about it. I don't think I would ever be able to be that popular. A while back I really wanted to work for EA games, but I do something different now, i could still try and apply there though....

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    Looks good - I like the warm background at contrast with the cool colors in her coat.

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      Cool, thank you so much Cooley

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        You're welcome :)