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ACEO/ATC: Rainy by Samantha-dragon



12 May 2014 at 03:40:51 MDT

my part of ACEO trade with RashanaMoonfire - she asked me to show her dragoness, add some rain and maybe a bit of emo(tions). Well, it took me ages ^^; although the concept was ready painting real ACEO was much more painfull... background i had to paint with acrylics whole over the one i tried to make with watercolors. (if someone would be interested i may found somewhere photos of WIP, im almost sure i did some)
its done! is tired of it and i even like the result :]

used: acrylics (background sky whole, mushrooms in the moss), watercolors (moss, trunk, black and blue parts of dragoness), aquarell color pencils (white parts of dragoness, black scales) on 1mm cardpaper; reference for background