ACEO/ATC: Calling Summer by Samantha-dragon

ACEO/ATC: Calling Summer


14 April 2014 at 13:30:10 MDT

my part of monthly (April) trade through ACEOfursXchange - this time with HowlingWolfSong - here is her character Duma, the shaman cougar girl. HowlingWolfSong allowed me to turn her feral form into anthro - so i guess this is completely first time when you can see her nice Duma as pretty beautiful anthro cougar :aww: hope i didnt mess anything and you will like her :]
and super-big-YAY because its first time i draw ACEO card without any reference for pose and body - right after i got info for this month i know i simply have to draw Duma like this makes a big gesture to the card and because everytime i search for reference for body... well, it affect the final pose which doesnt have to be 100% like i wanted - but this time i feel quite satisfied with result :] and yes, let me this time make super simple background - for some reason i like it just as it is... :[

... and i will have to make photo of this card too, my scanner doesnt scan well bright colors + color pencils looks messy :|

used: liners, watercolors for background, color pencils and graphite pencils on character
paper: light beige something, which doesnt like watercolors :(
references: none! whee