21 October 2012 at 15:00:16 MDT

commission for Chronic/Chronicdog! <3

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    always loved the textures you put into your images. you always know how to marry them into the image really well.

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    Such a neat feel to this! Love the texture as always.

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    How do you get such nice, popping textures in your line-work and splotches of color like that. Teach me your Photoshop voodoo some time! I want to get as good at you at communicating what I want to draw.

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      it's so hard to put into woooords!! ;w; but I'll try my best!

      for starters, i use this texture for pretty much everything:

      but i mess with the contrast of it in another layer depending on the mood i want. sometimes i turn the hues and contrast down and it makes the texture more subtle, or i can crank up the contrast and hues to make it pop! that, and i have a lot of textures brushes in SAI. my airbrush tool has a "crust" texture i constantly experiment with, changing the strength of the texture and so on. i include that a lot too (you can probably see it in the left side of the pic a bit!)

      here's some of the things I do in SAI regarding textures:

      hope i made sense lmao ;w;

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        Absolutely perfect! I totally get it now. You sample that main texture and then take different parts of your image and then map it on there almost like a big fat Rubber Stamp tool. Then you also use the filters within SAI for any other miscellaneous textures. I absolutely love your brush work because it seems like you "sharpen" the lines to make it feel almost like watercolor. It's a very smart use of effects to blend it in such a way where simple drawings have a very refined polish and detail to them.

        Thank you for elaborating your process and handing me all the tools I need to replicate your aesthetic! So boss!

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    so good aafhjhgjd. i love the smoke.

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    Hey thank you so much again for this, I really love it! Glad to have finally gotten the chance to commission you. :) Could I possibly get you to offer this as a collection to me? If so, I would really appreciate it! Thanks :D

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      sure thing! :D so glad you like it <3