YOOOO I'm Safria. You can usually find me by that name on most places, if not it's SafriaStudio.

I'm currently going to the Southwest University of Visual arts Majoring in Animation. Hopefully I'll graduate in 2015 and who knows what I'll do after that!

I usually like to draw my characters but I'm trying to branch out right now. I will be posting some of my school assignments and pretty much most of the art that I make.



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Somewhat back from being ultra quiet!

on 30 April 2014 at 20:50:29 MDT

Heyo guys! I know I've been deathly quiet except for faving and watching people. I don't really have much to show since this has been the most stressful semester yet! (And I thought working at JCPenney'd full time and having full time school was gross, ech) So much so that I actually feel the need to seek out help for all this mental grossness I have going on. Good news is, is that my semester ends next week. I know lots of people are going through finals and I wish you all luck! Get them good grades! Next week I should have lots of stuff to post of an animation I've been working on for the whole semester (sadly it wont be complete but crazy semester stopped that from happening). Like literally we came up with the story, characters, and everything this whole semester. Plus modeling and rigging a whole character in Maya for the first time is pretty time consuming! Granted my characters are a simpler low poly look to them. I'll actually post a nice little color palette reference I made the other day in a minute. I've been getting lots of good feedback from it which is A+.

I'm also taking some fun classes during the summer! So I'll have lots to show for that! One class is going to be lip syncing in digital 2D and also 3D and the other is a creature creation class (it counts for a figure drawing and character development class). Super excited for those!

I hope everyone's semester was fun and finals turn out great!

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        How are things?? haha

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          Things are okay! Had a terrible last semester that I'm still recovering from, but hey I'm still alive! lol At least I have graduation next year to look forward to :D How are things with you?? Now that you're a fancpants graduate

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