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Legend says when you can't sleep at night, it's because you're awake in someone else's dream.



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The fragile kitten awed at the colorful sky above her. Orange, pink, blue, purple. The sky often did this before it got dark and the stars twinkled above. This was her favorite time. The only other time she saw bright colors were the paint splatter roses hidden up high within the vines and branches. She had tried to climb up the tree, but its rough bark couldn’t support her so it got ripped off and she fell. She was too small and weak anyway and couldn’t get up any higher than one foot off the ground even if the tree didn’t have any bark. Her mother had abandoned her not too long ago, so she was on her own. She was fairly smart. Smart enough to survive from predators much larger than herself. Before it got too dark, she made sure to get to safety. Her come was a compact space under an oak tree. It wasn't the most comfortable place, but it would do. The morning came quickly and the kitten yawned. She could feel a warm ray of sunlight seeping into her fur. She didn’t dare to look up or she would be blinded by the light. She stood up, stretched, and walked out into the morning forest. The birds chirped and flapped by. Some in groups and some alone. She could hear the nearby river, the cool water hitting the shore as it rushed by. She came back into focus after listening and jumped as she heard a growl. She crouched to the ground and looked around bewildered with wide eyes. Something growled again. It was so loud she could feel it. Some time passed and her realized it was her own stomach. Rolling her eyes, she stood up amazed by her stupidity. Time to go fishing. She picked her way around tall grass and thorn bushes. Today she was determined to do many things. Learn to hunt well, make her home cozy, and learn to climb trees.

I tried lots of details ;O;

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