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Staridae!AU: Lil' Dude and the Dogs by Sadalsuud-Staridae

Staridae!AU: Lil' Dude and the Dogs


This storyline is an alternate universe at best, where VJ grew up with a great family life and a bunch of siblings (instead of her terribad childhood in DSF: Origins). This is the realm where she took up music and became a rockstar in her own right with a band called "Staridae".

Whilst she did end up marrying her longterm boyfriend, Diefenbaker, in this version of her tale she found out in her mid 20's that she couldn't have kids. Undaunted, she went for the four-legged furkids route! All her pets have a very high standard of obedience training (her first order of business when she first got them),

Silver is the youngest pup, an Australian Shepherd/Pomeranian/Husky cross. He was given to her on her birthday by a group of fans at one of her concerts. He's a bit rambunctious and loves chewing things, mostly old socks. He's still a young puppy so he does everything he can to keep up with his bigger brothers. He doesn't respond too well to being in a travel cage (he howls and cries like a banshee XD), unlike his brothers, so VJ usually transports him in her arms or sitting in her lap. He's a lapdog at times, and likes licking or nomming VJ's fingers at random intervals.

Corbin was her first furbaby, and he leads the pack. He's a mutt according to her local vet, but his ears and height put him somewhere in the vicinity of a Cocker Spaniel, mixed with several other breeds. VJ thinks he must have feline blood in him somewhere because he will leap up to her lap, flop over and lie on her hands when she's trying to text or type emails. He has a favourite cushion that he drags everywhere and sleeps upon whenever VJ is nearby. He's cute, fluffy and heart-meltingly adorable, and that's probably why he gets away with so much trouble!

Rutabaga Rhubarb Radicchio, better known as Rhubarb, is her biggest dog; an American Alsatian/Malamute cross. He's a rescue dog who sheds on practically everything of every colour. Rhu was VJ's first guard dog in a sense; he will set up barking and snarling and snapping at anyone he doesn't like or trust - it took her band members a very long time to be able to enter her front gate without getting accosted by Rhu. He seems to have taken a shine to "Lil' Dude" aka Ace, VJ's plushie Resque. He won't go anywhere without the little guy astride on his back.

Tobias is the second oldest of the dogs, and the second biggest. He's a hurricane of energy, which suits VJ's hectic lifestyle just fine. The other band members in Staridae absolutely adore Toby - he's constantly getting pats and treats and snacks when VJ's back is turned. Toby's a Shetland Sheepdog/Border Collie/Golden Retriever cross, which makes him a very happy dog, (positively catatonic with joy), and loves doing anything and everything with VJ and his brothers. Planes and long-distance travel don't seem to bother Toby in the slightest.

Ace, aka "Lil' Dude" had a huge adventure before ending up in this crazy family. Originally an in-training helper in Santa's Workshop in the North Pole, he fell into the sleigh by accident one Christmas Eve whilst trying to fix a toy before Santa left on his journey and wound up being delivered to VJ's house along with her gifts for that year. VJ at first thought he was a rather beautifully detailed plushie and put him well out of reach of Corbin and Rhubarb (Toby and Maxie had not yet come into her life at that point), until he began "moving around" the house into places she knew she hadn't set him down in. She eventually caught him trying to steal cookies from one of her secret snack hiding places, and after coming to the conclusion she wasn't losing her marbles (as she so feared when he ended up in places she hadn't put him!), promptly gave him the nickname of "Lil' Dude" and adopted him.

The four dogs absolutely adore him, especially Rhubarb, of whom won't leave the house unless Ace comes with them. They're very protective of Ace, and won't go anwhere without him being on VJ's person - usually in her backpack (tours) or satchel (every other day). Ace likes to sit on Rhubarb's back, and the big dog ferries him around wherever they go.

Originally drawn back in early January (just Rhubarb, Corbin and Ace), but went back and added Maxie and Toby to the picture only recently.
This is the Staridae!AU with VJ, which runs semi-parallel to the DSF!Origins world (at least it does in my brain!).

VJ still has her mom, Velisha-Jay, and her Dad, Artemis Snr., along with her three older brothers (Artemis Jnr., Maximillian, Clarence Conrad) and her three younger brothers (Justiel, Harley & Harlan). She has a much better childhood in this realm than her other self in the Origins storyline. She discovered she inherited a musical talent from her mom, a former country music singer, and pretty much chased that musical dream all over the world. At 30, she's pretty much living the dream with her band and her husband of the last six years, and has five adorable furbabies to keep her on her toes.

She's lead singer of Staridae, and plays electric guitar.

Ace (Baby Resque) adopted from xeohelios
Silver adopted from NightShadeStudio
Tobias, Rhubarb, Corbin & artwork belong to Victoria S. Rodda, 2013 - 2015

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