New Sphinx Character by SaaraBlitz

New Sphinx Character


18 April 2014 at 11:53:55 MDT

Yup. A new character. Finished him up on livestream last night. He's a cross between a Jackal and a panther. I know real Jackals aren't black like that, but I completely based this character off Egyptian mythology and symbolism, so he looks more like a Jackal statue. And I decided he was my interpretation of a sphinx some how. This is only his base design so far. He will get more details later, including a head of hair, and his clothes will be Egyptian god inspired but with a modern punk influence, hence his piercings. I will also eventually change the anatomy of his panther half to make it more well... panther-like, and just better in general. XD I LOVE him so far, and I can't wait to do more art of him. He's time consuming to draw, but SO much fun. :D If anyone has any ideas for awesome male, Egyptian or Middle Eastern names, please throw them at me. :) I may take them into consideration. ^^

Art and character © SaaraBlitz


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    I gotta say I really like this taur's simple and thematic design.
    One thing that kind of bugs me is how simplified, almost toony, the animal half is compared to the detailed anthro half. They each look good on their own and I think would look better if they matched.
    Looking forward to more of this guy!