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9 June 2017 at 07:26:28 MDT

Commission for Lionel

Fallout Fan Art (Sort of). A lot of things can arise out of a post apocalypse world.

I wanted to do something different. He origonally order a charcoal commission, but due to repeated delays never got to it with in the set deadline. I have a bunch of this weird self made color paint, I call "Gak". and it does weird things when you mix it with whites, and blacks. Its moody and hard to keep consistent. So, I upgraded to commission to a monochromatic painting because of the delays, and painted it with my "Gak" color.

Not much else to say, other then I was commissioned to do a two headed anthro bear in NCR armor (from fallout) with a mini-gun in post apocalypse San Francisco. I don't think its lore friendly, I am not to familar with Fallout. Skyrim on the other hand...

Media: Acrylic on Masonite
Size: 16" X 20"
Date: June 2017

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Visual / Traditional


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    That washout effect looks spiffy. The background has a very belevable quality to it.

    And an unrelated question on Skyrim, does this claymation video by Lee Hardcastle sum up the game's milieau?

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      Thank you. [Bows]

      And, as for me. No... That is nothing like MY experiences with Skyrim. I mod the shit out of the game till it look almost nothing like the vanilla out of the box. There are tons of fan made DLC sized mods that add or alter content of the game and add hundreds of hours of original content not in the base game. Each play through for me is similar at its base, but entirely different otherwise.

      My favorite play throughs have been a Breton Necromancer (who became a lich), a Breton Vampire Necromancer, A Bosmer Arcane Archer, a Kahjit Ranger (with shifty morals), and a Drgonborn Imperial Paladin who became high king of Skyrim. Each play through was entirely different depending on the mods I used. Grin

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    If this were anyone else I would say this was a cut and past digital get such realistic looks in your work I am envious!

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      Thank you. You humble me with your words [Bows]

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    The textures look amazing! You did a fabulous job getting down the variations between material of the gun vs the material of the chest armor, vs fur and everything else.

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      Thank you, you are to kind [Bows]