The Grimm Tale of the Hunter by Ryngs

The Grimm Tale of the Hunter


24 May 2016 at 19:43:51 MDT

Book Cover for the Convention ArkConsas (Theme, "Fairy Tales")

“The tale of Little Red Riding Hood does not end well for all involved.”

After being appointed Guest of Honor for the Convention ArkConsas (Little Rock, AR in 2017) I was requested to do so sort of art for the convention. This is what I came up with. A dark ending of an Anthropomorphic version of Little Red Riding Hood. I wanted Red to look like she is enjoying the hunt, and little to much. The wolf I wanted to still be confident yet clearly on the run and hiding. So, the viewer is left asking, "who is really hunting who?". The title to, was intended to make you wonder who is hunting who... The wolf will appear on the back cover, and the rabbit on the front. I tried position both halves so they formed a composition separately, yet when together maintained an over all composition.

Book Cover illustration has always what I have wanted to do. I have done a few, but I desire to do more.

It should also be noted, everything about this is produced by hand. I Cut the panel to spec, I cut poplar to make a back support, mounted it, sealed it all, then applied the hand made gesso (this is something I do not normally do and have not done in years). Then of course drew and painted the whole thing. Altogether there are over 100 hours I put into this (70+ on the painting). It was very rewarding, but very time consuming.

Medium: Acrylic on Hardboard
Size: 16 in x 24 in
Date: May 2016

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Visual / Traditional


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    The flowers were worth the effort :-)

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      So much pain... The suffering was real! [Wink]

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    OH MY G...this is amazing!!

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      Thank you, your words honor me [Bows]

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    Dang that's impressive!

    Okay, I know I say that about everything you post. But, come on man, it's all just so darn amazing. I'll invest in a thesaurus...

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      Mmm, the flattery! Thank you [Bows]

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    so gorgeous <3

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      Thank you Bows