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My Work Station


23 January 2014 at 08:41:52 MST

My drum kit with it's new rack system. A friend of mine, Brom Bear, bought the rack for me years ago. I finally decided to actually use it. It is purely for ease of set up. No stands to unfold and mess with. Everything stays on the rack and the rack folds up. Naturally, I take the drums and cymbals off, but you get the idea. This is a nice front view with the new Steampunk drum head on the kick.

The drum kit is an original Star Classic Maple, at first, distributed by Tama before they bought them. The snare is a Tama Artwood Maple. I have a Matador steel timbale and LP piccolo timbales. Cymbals are Zidjian 20" K Custom dark ride, 16" K Custom Hybrid crash, 6" A custom splash, 14" Z Custom hi-hats, 18" Oriental and an 18" Meinl Soundcaster crash.
Small percussion are an LP Lg cowbell and LP granite block.

I use Yamaha Double kick pedals, a DW 8000 hi-hat stand and Vic Firth X5A (Extreme 5A) sticks, Pro Mark Thunder Sticks and Zildjian mallets. The rack is made by Gibraltar. The drum heads are Evans EC2 for the toms and Evans G2 for the snare.

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