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"Choose wisely."
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Miss Elena - "The girl with many faces..."

Hi. My name's Elena, and I'm 19 years old. I'm in community college for Culinary Arts. I am so proud of my friends and family and love them all dearly. On another note; As long as you give respect and behave, that is what you'll get in return. That said, enjoy your stay. And, do check out my shop, please!


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My Commission Form

on 23 January 2014 at 15:30:55 MST

liElenal's Shop // The Matron's Shoppe
If you wish to request and/or commission art from the artist, please fill out this form entirely. Be mindful that the artist has a real life and is a real person with issues and other things planned in their daily life. They may not be as swift or as available as you would like, but they will do their best to work with you and work out a price and make the piece to your liking. If you have read these rules, write 'avacado' for the first password.
Also, be mindful that requests may not be accepted, however, commissions are automatically accepted.
Payment must be paid upfront to avoid scamming. If you've read the rules, write 'baby' for the second password.

Eye Textures - 5,000 credits // $5 paypal
Jewelry - 5,000 credits // $5 paypal
This is MY work, and you are NOT allowed to use any of it, for any reason, in any shape, way, or form. Redistribution, modification, and re-selling of my work is prohibited.

Pixel (non-isometric) (MS Paint)
Semi-realism Painting (Paint Tool SAI, GIMP 2.0)
Commissions - OPEN | Trades - MAYBE | Requests - CLOSED

General Information - Eye Textures
This is to be filled out, only if you’re commissioning a texture!

If you’re wishing to commission me for an eye texture, you may request one of the following styles, or ask for a new style completely.
http://sta.sh/0f0ehvoveiv < Wolf
http://sta.sh/227wduuolgbu < Fiend
http://sta.sh/028qjnnlr66o < Cyborg
http://sta.sh/01i2ox6mkh5h < Siren
http://sta.sh/21rqfb80v89q < Evil
http://sta.sh/21n9jdtbje6v < Akuma

Commissioned for: (IMVU username here)
Price: ____ credits
Access Pass Only?: [ ] Yes [ ] No If “yes”, please state why.
Color(s): Any scheme you want. Can be multiple schemes, or a color around pupil and another in the iris. Please be descriptive.
Eye-whites shading?: [ ] Bright [ ] Medium [ ] Dark (shadowed)
Animalistic?: [ ] Yes [ ] No If ‘Yes’, state which animal.
Shading style?: [ ] Realism [ ] Semi-realism [ ] Anime [ ] Other (list) [ ] Surprise me!
Other details: [ ] Different color for the eye-whites [ ] No pupils [ ] Shaped highlights (i.e. stars) [ ] Veins in whites [ ] Bloodshot veins in whites (AP) [ ] Other (please be descriptive.)
First password:
Second password:

General Information - Jewelry Textures
This is to be filled out, only if you’re commissioning a texture!

Commissioned for: (IMVU Username)
Price: _____ credits
Access Pass Only?: [ ] Yes [ ] No If “yes”, please state why.
Text?: [ ] Yes [ ] No If ‘Yes’, please write the text here. i.e: Yourname, Hot, Babe, Sexy, etc.
Font?: [ ] Arial [ ] Impact [ ] Courier [ ] Papyrus [ ] Verdana [ ] Chiller [ ] Script [ ] Other (list)

Pendant shape: [ ] Square [ ] Circle [ ] Teardrop [ ] Heart [ ] Wing (single - [ ] right [ ] left) [ ] Wings (single - one necklace) [ ] Wings (double - two seperate necklaces) [ ] Coffin [ ] Bow [ ] Nametag [ ] Dogtags

Colors: (The background color), (Text color), (Detail colors)
Other details?: i.e. Crosses, Gem-detailed background, Metallic, Engraved. Please state any kind of details you want on the necklace here, and be descriptive.
Any meshes you want used?: List the links here, so I can derive from them! If you don’t give me one, I’ll choose the mesh.
First password:
Second password:

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Texture - Eyes
$ 5.00
Textures - Jewelry
$ 5.00

Please refer to my page for the commission request form. Fill it out, and send it to me in a note.

IMVU; Please, please, please pay for these in IMVU credits or Paypal! These include edits and full repaints. I need practice with this medium. 5,000 IMVU credits.


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