Waking Up by Rufellen

Waking Up

Watching quietly as the car pulled into the drive he waited, patient and unmoving as he had been all day. Content to sit, watch and admire the world from his vantage near the window. It was pretty outside, the room looked out across the lake and the snow capped mountains beyond. The sun also shone through the glass panes warming him from midday to the setting of the sun, all told it was a very pleasant way to spend the day.

The door opened and owner walked in, he could hear him walking about in the hall, muttering to himself, throwing the keys in the bowl by the door, taking their shopping through into the kitchen. Minutes passed, the sun moved toward the tops of the mountain and then, eventually as he always.did their owner came into the front room. He was short, thin and dressed in baggy cargo shorts and a loose fitting t-shirts. His hair was cropped quite short and his face was covered in a week old growth of fine red hair: not quite a beard but enough to require a shave. Carrying a plate heaped with salad and fish he slumped into the chair at his computer desk and listlessly clicked away online whilst picking at his food.

Time passed and he sat and watched, waiting, soon... the sun sank behind the mountains, shadows crept across the lake and finally engulfed the front window plunging the room into a twilight. Dark enough to be uncomfortable but with enough light that putting the lights on would seem wrong. His owner looked up then and with a disgruntled sigh turned away from the computer and moved to the sofa. Flopping down his owner's sandals thumped to the floor as he reached out to pick him up... his sigh at the sun warmed fluff was audible. His appreciation immediate as he squeezed tightly, shifting stuffing about, pouring affection into the squeezable body as he pressed his stubbled cheek against his toy's head.

It was enough, tonight at last beneath all of his owners sorrow and troubles was pure welcoming warmth at the silent companionship provided by his plush body. Tonight though it was to be different, he had a plan and his Owner's affection was the key so he reached out drawing that boundless fountain of love into his body. It was an odd sensation that touched a deep, personal level that went far beyond the simple joy provided by being hugged. He couldn't explain how he did it either, it was simply there... something he knew how to do and this way he could bask in the simple affection offered him and use it to do what must be done... to change.

Stuffing shifted, fabric stretched, stitching slowly came alive and it began as he soaked up his owners simple joy at cuddling his toy. It wasn't a fast process, in fact it was quite slow imperceptibly so but he had learnt how to speed it up. So even as he drew in Owners quiet affection he started to project feelings into the human's mind. Peace, comfort, quiet satisfaction simple emotions he was already experiencing from the simple act of cuddling his plush body. It had the desired response, Owner squeezed him tighter, stuffing shifted, beans crinkled inside him and the human's sigh was contented as he stared absently out the window. Slowly the changes spread deeper, it was like a soft, fuzzy warmth spreading out from where the human's arms had hold of him. Stuffing mutated, faux fur flowed, gently twisting and morphing as his plush, velveteen body grew even softer as the fur lay down in new and silkier ways.

Fingers twitched, toes wiggled and separated as useless mitten paws changed, fabric pulled tighter, claws grew, becoming curved plastic instead of felt as dextrous movement and opposable thumbs of cotton and foam stuffing became a reality. It was a start but there was a long way to go, reaching out he continued to pull that warm, innocent affection into his being whilst he increased the whispered flow of comfort and quiet security into Owners mind. Outside the sun sank further, the golden corona behind the mountains flared, Venus gleamed the sunset star riding high as sleep spread her blanket over his Owner's mind and fell into somnolence. The affection continued however, fabric shifted, stretched his limbs and torso, the baglike quality of body gained definition to match his new fingers. The ruff about his neck twisted, straggly strands of limp wool gained form and shape whilst his mouth a simple line of black stitching split as his muzzle gained shape and teeth. Wings spread, the shapeless mass of white fabric gained individual feathers, stitched and woven from silk filled with foam and his antlers stretched to match the proportions of his larger body. The last to change were the simple blue buttons that adorned the front of face. They curled up on themselves, dug into face and then... then he blinked opening bright blue eyes at the dimly lit room.

He was...

Slowly, carefully he disentangled his body from his Owner's grasp and slid to the floor. With rustling stuffing his feet sank against the carpet, depressing slightly as they spread out to support his weight. Standing up on his own was an experience, it sent a thrill through his body as beans moved inside of him to support his fuzzy frame. One step... two... he was walking! Moving gently the plush pressed his paws against the window and stared outside before turning back to look at his owner. He was fast asleep and he looked peaceful he was also still connected to him. His quiet dreaming mind was still sending a trickle of warm affection to his body. Smiling to himself he hugged the human gently then padded into the hall, there was much to do whilst he was mobile.

Pausing he stared at himself in the mirror, yellow and orange velveteen fur made up his body. He had realistic looking limbs that supported his weight and hands and feet that worked. The zipper that had covered his chest from neck to abdomen was gone. It had been absorbed by his body leaving his chest plain and yellow. His fuzzy neck ruff looked real, no longer made from coils of cotton but actually full bodied and fluffy faux fur. He had little red antlers, huge orange and yellow ears and bright, wide open eyes that were plastic and yet quite capable of blinking. Smiling at himself he flapped his wings and brushed down his body.

"Looking good Jellybean, I'm one fine Wolpertinger," he smirked... then grimaced and tried out several more expressions to see just how well he could use his muzzle. Satisfied he turned away from the mirror and headed for the door. He had a lot to do and only a few hours to do it in.

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Waking Up


13 May 2015 at 05:57:55 MDT

Jellybean wakes up after a nice day long nap and well... starts moving about

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    JELLYBEAN! He's mah friend!~ I wanna snuggle him~ <3

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    Sounds huggable.