Vulcan Automata - Hiring Practices - Part 1 by Rufellen

Vulcan Automata - Hiring Practices - Part 1


24 May 2016 at 09:13:58 MDT

A story based in Adalore's Vulcan Automata World,
We get to watch as two new employees from very different backgrounds and brought on-board and Cyberized into creatures of polymer, plastic and electricity!

I am afraid they are uploaded as .pdfs as there is lots of formatting in the story that I do not want to lose

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    Government-controlled weather? A new, pristine, upper-class city literally built on-top an old, lower-class one? A totally not evil corporation that totally doesn't turn its "volunteers" into mindless cybernetic/genetically enhanced super-soldiers? Kangaroo courts? "Property" rights status for convicts of even minor "crimes"? This story pulls just about EVERY single "Dystopian Future" Sci Fi trope in the book...and I LOVE IT!!! XD I look forward to reading more when you post some more chapters! XD

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      I'm glad you enjoyed it
      Thank Adalore for the world he just let me in to write it :)

      I'll be posting chapter two tonight before I go to bed
      I hope you'll enjoy the rest of it

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        No problem. And I'm sure I will! =D

        I'm working on a science fiction story of my own, two, called "Small Word". Maybe if you get the time you can check it out, too? XD