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!Signal Boost! Commissions

on 25 May 2016 at 08:42:20 MDT

Hey guys. I hate to do this, but I am in serious need of help. As my DA and Tumblr followers know, I have been dealing with severe anxiety and depression for some time now and have been looking into getting a therapy dog. My last attempts at getting my therapy dog for my anxiety have all failed, being that everyone I went to either had a failed litter or just didn't have any suitable dogs. I have finally found an amazing little girl named Bea who is the absolute perfect fit and costs much less than I'd originally planned for. Unfortunately though, the complex that I've arranged to stay at beginning August 13th somehow managed to mess up my lease. I was supposed to get the first month free, but now they are making me pay the first month, then giving me September free. This means that I now have to take almost all of my saved dog money and use it for my apartment. Bea will be here in a couple of weeks and, if she is indeed a good fit (which I have absolutely no doubt she will be), I will be expected to pay for her then.

I hate to sound like I'm begging, but I really am at this point. I am 100% able to provide for Bea, it is just this initial payment coming up that I am asking for help with. I've started a GoFundMe campaign for her, much against my pride, but due to time constraints I'm really running out of options. If anyone is able to donate, even $1, it would mean the world to me. If you are unable to donate, then please share this to spread it around for others to see!

Here is a link to the campaign:
If you don't feel comfortable donating through GoFundMe, you can also do so by sending donations to my paypal at

I am also opening up commissions in order to help out as well, which will be listed below.

Full Body...$20.00

Colored Sketch
Full Body...$25.00

Character Design
Colored Sketch...$40.00

Full Digital Painting
Sketch painting w/ background - usually more detailed and rough(speed paint)...$75.00+ depending on complexity

Thank you all in advance and please share if you can!

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Colored Sketch[Cleaned]

$ 20.00
Full Body
$ 25.00

Full Digital Painting w/Background

Full Digital Painting w/Background
$ 75.00


$ 15.00
Full Body
$ 20.00

Complex Designs/markings...+$5 - may vary
Additional Characters...+$10 per character
Fully Lined Image...+$10


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    Gonna commission you eventually. Possibly tomorrow I'm thinkin!

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    So awesome! Thank you very much, RueKitsune. =)

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    Beautiful work ya got here.