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Epic Dragon by RUdragon

Epic Dragon


11 April 2013 at 07:09:05 MDT

ok I think will post some thing that not cutely over loading. been drawing to much of that cute stuff lately, lets see how you like my awesome puck work.

I wanted to draw more in my rust sty and work on it and get better at it, and push my SAi as far as I can so I tried first to have a 20x20 canvas under a 300 dpi and it did not like that did even let me make the canvas. so I think it let me make a 14x18 canvas. witch will be my biggest canvas Iv made so far, talk about giving you true HD quality work. I should maybe charge a lil for you to have such awesome HD work. well hope you like it and hope I can make more stuff like this other then my cute work, also to point out im working on a dra-una pic I really hope I get it done soon, it may be the next pic up. for thows been waiting for this pic sorry for all this furry been drawing, I do miss drawing my old work.

well then ...


working to this sick drops>>>>\_yw

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    Aheheh, with the big load of cute art you did, I thought this was by someone else. This is really neat though, I love gritty and dark so this is a win in my book. <3

    The character is detailed, the expression is good, and the texture and background really work with it.

    It took me a while to work out what angle or pose the character was in. I wonder if the wide mist/fade could've been added to more places, like the latter of the tail? I'm also not sure about the mist-like effect above the gem. The glow works well, but the whispy effect above it feels distracting and out of place from the gritty texture.

    But yes, this is certainly really cool and would love to see more like this~.