I am Scarlet the white tundra wolf, however I also go around as plain ol' Ruby. I am an artist of things mostly dragon, as well as anthros and ferals. I dabble in both traditional and digital art. I draw clean art, vore, and some fetishes, as well as some adult art. I'm usually very lenient and open about what I will draw, despite my preferences.

My main interests entail vore, paws, and some bondage, and I enjoy both clean and erotic art. I do not "get off" from porn, and I DO NOT yiff.
I am pansexual and gender-fluid. Any pronoun use is fine with me, but I default to females pronouns. I am happily taken! I am sexually open to talk about topics, but I will never engage in sexual/yiffy roleplay or interaction.

I am currently an Undergraduate at UC Davis, pursuing a degree in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology. I aim to become a zoologist, environmentalist, or work with birds. I also am a bus driver for Unitrans. Driving is one of my biggest hobbies, aside from drawing and horse riding.
I roleplay very sparsely, but please do NOT ask me to RP unless you know me/have me on Skype.



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Commission Price Raise Coming Soon

on 5 January 2015 at 14:49:09 MST

With much deliberation, I've decided to raise my commission prices. My last raise was in mid 2013, so now I feel is another good time for my prices to go up, as my time has become more limited but my skill better than before. I'll be going over my prices and tweaking them accordingly to how much work/time goes into them. It will feature cheaper options and more expensive, elaborate options.

Cheaper options are speedy-style digital work as well as sketches of both digital and traditional sense. Digital flat color won't be too much either unless the design is complicated (markings and things like that).
Elaborate, more expensive options are shading and lighting both digitally and traditionally, but they will also be on a case-by-case basis.

I may add additional, small fees for things like including full wings as they are work on their own.
I'll have a tentative guide soon, and hopefully have a set day when they will officially raise. Those who I've been talking to about commissions need not worry, as the change won't affect you!

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