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Fetishy Dreams..

Anyone ever have any fetishy tf dreams?

I get them every once in a great while but they always seem to get interrupted or end too soon.. :P

Anywho I had one last night that had a slime/ice cream TF in it.

I was exploring around an area of town I didn't recognize and found an ice cream parlor that I had never heard of.
They had some strict rules on the board about being required to finish your ice cream before you could leave and that 'to-go' orders were prohibited. I decided to give them a try. Since I did not wish to break a rule, I ordered the smalled hot fudge sundae they offered.
It tasted amazing and despite being such a small bowl, I never could seem to reach the bottom. There was always more to eat. As I continued to eat the amazing sundae, I found myself getting plumper and felt a bit 'sweaty'. Little did I know, my skin, hair, and even my clothes turned vanilla white. Before I knew it, I was made completely of vanilla ice cream and began melting. I owner came out to scoop me up into a container but them I woke up before seeing what was to become of me.

Another one I had a few weeks was also rather brief. I found myself at the 'Nudy Bar' from "Married with Children" Peg and Kelly were there along with a bunch of gorgeous strippers. Suddenly, one of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space showed up and started turning all of the women into some rather sexy rubbery inflatable Klown women versions of themselves. The Killer Klown left after transforming them women, leaving them alone with me. With looks of complete arousal, they all began to converge upon me. Unfortunately, my alarm clock woke me up before I could enjoy the situation any further.

I often wonder if these dreams are brought on my subconscious to inspire me to write some fetish stories or if it is just from going too long without squeezing one out (which I am usually inspired to do shortly after having such a dream). :-P

Does this stuff happen to any of you out there?

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