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2013 Bust Badge Examples by Roum

2013 Bust Badge Examples


16 January 2014 at 20:13:57 MST

Bust badges for Zyraxus, BasiliskRUDE, and SuryaAsura!

Zyraxus belongs to Zyraxus
Cog belongs to Basilisk
Drop Bear belongs to RUDE
RhinoVin belongs to SuryaAsura

Art Copyright © Roum
Please do not copy, edit, or redistribute without permission.


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    <3 Gosh I love this badge, got it hanging where I can see it next to my computer. So much delicious glitter.

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      Yeee I'm glad you still like it! UuU
      I love glitter pens too much I think I might have a problem

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    Oh wow, I love these! Will you be offering these as commissions again sometime? :D

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      Ahh thank you! And yes I will offer them again sometime in the future when I open back up!