Rivet Refsheet 2.0 by Roum

Rivet Refsheet 2.0


16 January 2014 at 17:41:07 MST

Refsheet commission for fennecboy!

Rivet Copyright © fennecboy
Art Copyright © MMS roum
Do not copy, edit, or redistribute without permission.


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    Oh, my gosh! I love so much that you put the HTML hex next to the colors! that's brilliant! I'm gonna have to implement that on my refs (when I get around to making them -- stupid jobs)

    and I do quite like many aspects of this character. Ears, floof, even the horns are fantastic. everything's well-proportioned, and the spots and stripes look like they took quite a bit of effort to do.

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      You totally should! I think it makes it easier for people when trying to describe colors (rather than like "light pink" or "baby blue"). Plus I dunno, it looks kinda neat. nwn

      All the spots and stripes and little details did take a long time to do, but I'm glad that people can appreciate the results!
      It's not my character, but I still really love how he came out. <3

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    what program do you use? is it free?

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      I use Paint Tool SAI! It's not free, but it's pretty cheap (around $20 I think?).