Hoof Beat & MLP Pin-Ups FOR SALE! by Roum

Hoof Beat & MLP Pin-Ups FOR SALE!


22 February 2019 at 16:54:26 MST


I've currently got a copy of the 1st Hoof Beat up for sale on Furbuy (more photos & NSFW previews are available in the auction listing itself).
I also have 3 of my pony pin-ups from 2013 up for sale; these are the ORIGINALS, not prints! No reserve on any of them!

⭐🎀 [ Click here to check them out & bid! ] 🎀⭐
(Auctions end March 2nd, 2019)

I've also updated the original submissions of the pony pin-ups with these better scans, since I had some really low quality photos before.
Click below to see the submissions for those!

🎈 Pudgie Pie
🌸 Flutterthighs
💎 Raritease
🌈 Rainho Ass
(R.D. already sold on Furbuy a few months back)

Character belongs to Nova / Art Copyright © Roum
Please do not copy, edit, or redistribute without permission.