Cry Plays Silent Hill by RottingRoot

Cry Plays Silent Hill


29 January 2015 at 17:58:26 MST

Hey, after 13 hours of hard work I have finally finished this image!
As soon as I saw that Cry was playing Silent Hill 2 I just had to make this image. Cry has been an inspiration to me for a long while now and actually helped me get through my senior year in college. If it wasn't for him and another youtuber I would have cracked under presser and not finished on time.

Silent Hill 2 is my favorite game, no matter how hard I try I can not think of another game that I would put before this one. I love the story, the characters, the monsters, and how this game puts me on edge. Yes the graphics may not be top edge or whatever but to be honest they still hold up today and if the game can still put you on edge and be unsettling then you know it's doing it's job right.

Cry seems to be enjoying the game so far, I love his reactions to the situations as of now. I just hope he can get through the game with full respect, I know he enjoys a good story and this one has many levels and can get a little odd here and there. He's on the right track and I hope the ending gets him as it got me.

This image features Cry as James Sunderland in the Apartments. He's in the hallways about to face off with a Lying Body and Mannequin, he's also got some creepers coming down the wall after him.
I wanted to keep the image dark since the game is rather dark, but I wanted to make sure you could still see everything. My husband made the note of "it doesn't look red enough" In honesty it shouldn't because the apartments don't really get to rusty but I added a red overlay in the end to tint the whole image just to push the SH feel.

There might be things I could have done better, or pushed more but over all I am very happy and very proud of this piece.
I hope you all enjoy it and I hope cryaotic​ does too.

Artwork is © to RottingRootsArts (me)
Silent Hill is © to Konami
Cry is © to himself

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