Cry Plays Silent Hill: WIP by RottingRoot

Cry Plays Silent Hill: WIP


27 January 2015 at 21:04:35 MST

Thought I would share this with you all since I've actually really proud of this image so far.
I enjoy making all kinds of art and as of late I haven't actually gotten to do anything with a background or complexity as this, and to be honest this has helped me out a bit to get out of a funk... still not fully out but we'll see where tomorrow takes me.

Anyway, Cry (Cryoatic) is playing Silent Hill 2 right now, and to be honest that is one of my all time favorite games and I'm so happy he's finally picked it up and is giving it ago.
He's having fun with it so far and is being spooked so that's fun. He's also enjoying the plot as thus as well, I hope he does truly enjoy all of it and can wrap his mind around it as well.

Anyway, I wanted to make him a piece of art. I sat down for 8 straight hours on Sunday and cranked this out, I got up to all the flats colored and blocked in the shading for two figures. Yesterday for about an hour or so I worked on shading Cry completely. I'm still working on his second pass but I needed to take a break and just relax.

I hope to finish this piece up tomorrow (along with the recording of it) so I can share it with everyone and Cry himself.
I hope get the speed paint posted by the end of the week, editing it is going to be a pain in my butt!

Anyway, please do enjoy!

Artwork is © to RottingRoot (me)
Silent Hill is © to Konami
Cry is © to himself

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    ohh the movie of that scared me. ;3;

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      ah, I liked the movie from an artistic point of view
      hated it on the story point of view, it was completely ruined and killed and made me really angry...

      The art though, amazing. They were able to created the feel of the world the monster being made mainly using makeup and little CGI was amazing!
      Movie is okay if you don't know the lore and story of SH but once you do... you cringe so hard lol

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        haha, yeah.
        Pyramid head scene... fiewubhaksh,bfs