Idiots React to Foxler at Big Little Furcon by RottenEggCreations

Idiots React to Foxler at Big Little Furcon


6 June 2017 at 04:30:47 MDT


Thanks to my husbands Nashoba and Keiran for the inspiration and direction in this.
Concern of perpetuating this issue myself I blocked out all the twitter accounts, also this is mainly for fun so no hard feelings. Foxler showing up to BLFC was enough to cause some people to lose their shit. To possibly clear some things up I don't hold animosity towards any of the people on here I just think some of the things said are stupid reactionary shit that needs to be addressed. It was really the hashtag #shutdownBLFC that really drove me up a wall especially seeing it from people who claim to be against fascism and yet probably still buy from Chick Filay and hobby lobby.

Foxler Interview
Rocky Mountain Furcon Fiasco

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    clicks picture on whim, expecting you be be some sort of jerk

    ...well then! Yeahhh, I can agree people with good intentions can be pretty crappy people in their own ways. Trust me on this, I have a Twitter too. :x