Rooey Navel Expedition by Roozard

Rooey Navel Expedition


19 March 2015 at 16:52:05 MDT

My Roo decided that he needed to feed his belly button and it just so happens that while he was wondering along the hills on a cool Winter day in his stockings and tail warmer, that he came across a 'lil Crunchy that was all chilly and in need of some place warm. My Roo decided to give him a nice, toasty.. and snug, spot to stay. Even though he's proving to be a bit of a hassle to stuff in there with his legs kicking. All the same though, a Roo's naval is fed, a little Sableye is warm and snug, and everyone's happy~

Sketched by: Gecko

Colored / Shaded by: Roozard

Featuring: Crunchy