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A Big Audience by Roozard

A Big Audience


19 March 2015 at 14:50:43 MDT

Gecko's a very talented artist, ridiculously so~ And being such a wonderful artist means you get quite a big audience. In Gecko's case.. Not quite in the way you'd expect~ At this rate he's going to have the biggest audience ever!

Art drawn by this wonderful Gecko~ ► geckomania
A group commission paid for by everyone involved (My part was very kindly paid for by Tau~ Thank you so very much~)
Characters belong to their respective owners, art belongs to Gecko.


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    XD, wasn't a problem paying for your part man! Was more then willing to help out! Its Dingo-Sniper now instead of Zacnichols123 XD

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      I know it is, but I just did the <fa: thingy, I can't really change the name without changing the profile it goes to.

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      And it still means a lot to me that ya did this for me~