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Big, Belchy Rooblob (Animation!) by Roozard

Big, Belchy Rooblob (Animation!)


Roo has the intrinsic tendency to binge incomprehensible amounts of food, especially when he's feeling happy and cozy~ So you can imagine his immense glee when he heard he'd won an animation raffle from an absolutely fantastic artist he'd admired! Eager to see the results and happy as could be the plump loaf gathered a myriad of hefty meals, snacks, sweets, and soft drinks, as a few days passed the marsupial's mounting mass grew and grew with every update he'd seen, until what you see before you came to pass! The constant, unceasing flow of food stuffing his gut causing quite the hefty, and irrepressible build-up of gas, behemoth belches capable of rocking the pictures that adorned the walls from their places becoming commonplace! Though.. despite how often they happened, the now immobile Roo is still bashful to watch his gut distend, bloat, and swell in front of his very eyes before letting it all out in one big belch time and time again~

This's the glorious result of an animation raffle I was beyond lucky to win, and I cannot thank Clover enough for appeasing my preferences to her utmost ability, I couldn't have imagined this to be any more perfect if I tried~ 💜

Animation by the amazing Clover
Check out her Twitter: >>HERE<<
Artist's Upload: >>HERE<<